Dara Fucci

LSW, LCADC - Clinician

Dara received her Master’s Degree in social work from Ramapo College and she also obtained her LSW and LCADC in NJ. She began her counseling experience as a counselor-intern at Straight and Narrow in Paterson, NJ, working with clients who needed medically assisted treatment, specifically methadone. Additionally, she has worked with clients with eating disorders, clients with co-occurring issues and clients who display self-mutilative behavior.

Due to the versatility of issues Dara has been exposed to, it has been her mission to provide the most effective practices available, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and mindfulness. She has also spent some time in Portugal to study the effects of decriminalization of drugs to gain a different perspective on drug addiction and treatment. Dara is a proud new addition to the Clarity Treatment Center staff and she is also a volunteer with the Ramapo College Recovery Program, which provides substance use education and awareness to students and faculty, as well as free counseling to Ramapo students who are struggling with substance use issues on campus.